Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hello earth

Hello this is just a post to see who's seen my blog! Make a post on comments and write your name if you've seen it

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Hi I'm Hannah the maker of this blog I have 4 siblings and a dog named Sasha. We live in a kinda big house but we're fine........well that's all for now.

Word of the day!!!!!!!!!

The word of the day for January 27,2008 is.........................
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Friends!!!!!!!!

I have the weirdest friends there's Daisy,Catie,Cori and Janine. But they all have my back and that's cool. The thing I like the most about all of my friends is the feel free to tell me their secrets. So the best thing for me about having friends is they almost always trust you


Hannah Schumacher January 22, 2008

Uninvited Guests

Once there was a little boy named Kevin. Kevin wasn’t the most popular boy in school but he was normal though. He lived in the smallest house on Navy Street with his mom and his dad. Until one day when Kevin was 6 his mother got a deadly disease and passed away. So for 4 years it was just Kevin and his dad. On Kevin’s 10th birthday he got a bike. He thought his dad would NEVER be able to afford it. So after that Kevin’s dad worked all day till 11:00pm so he could get money. That meant when Kevin came home from school, he was all alone. He also had nothing to do. So one day after school Kevin rode his bike up and down the street 5 times. But when Kevin went down the block for the 4th time he saw a little boy about his age. Kevin kept riding till he decided he might ask the boy if he wanted to play ball or something. When Kevin asked him, he said yes and introduced him self. His name was Jeremy and he was turning 11 in a couple of months. Kevin and Jeremy played for about 2 hours when Jeremy’s mom called him inside for dinner. Kevin walked his bike home and locked it up on the side of the house. Kevin stayed up all night trying to catch his dad when he came home. Kevin’s dad came home later than usual he came home at 1:00 am in the morning! Kevin started to talk but nothing came out. Then he tried again and he said guess what dad I made a new friend can I go to his house tomorrow. Kevin’s dad yelled at him and said GO TO BED IT’S WAY TO LATE FOR YOU TO BE AWAKE! It probably had been a bad day at the store that he managed. When Kevin woke up he was late for his bus so he sped to school on his bike almost getting run over about 4 times crossing the highways. Kevin got to school at 12:00 he was 4 hours late!!! So he decided since he was four hours late and he hadn’t gotten a tardy slip he would just skip school. The principal called Kevin’s house that day to inform Kevin’s dad that he had not been at school. Kevin panicked if he deleted the message his dad would still see it. If he didn’t delete it his dad would still see it!! Kevin decided to wait till after school to think what to do. He decided to go to Jeremy’s house and smash the answering machine with a baseball bat. When his dad came home all Kevin had to do was lie about the answering machine and say it fell and broke. During the day while Kevin was alone he saw a man in a dark coat walking up and down the drive way!! His heart was pounding he was sure he had seen the door knob turn!!!!! Kevin screamed and ran behind the couch. The door swung open!! A man stood at the door in a large black coat but Kevin couldn’t really see it was so dark. The man said in a deep voice “anyone home?” Kevin kept quiet. He now was even more terrified than ever!! Kevin slithered to the kitchen and hid behind the counter thinking what he would do to stay safe. The strange intruder walked through the living room looking everywhere for something or someone. Kevin waddled half way up the stairs to his room when ah ha! The stranger in the black coat thundered!! He stared at the stairs and started walking. Kevin was so scared he was unprepared he had nothing Kevin had failed. He should have just given up. The man in the coat started coming up the stairs; when he was in reaching distance of Kevin he grabbed him!!!!!!! Kevin screamed until the man spoke he said” got ya!” It was Kevin’s dad!! He had gotten the day off from work and decided to come home and see what Kevin would do if someone came into the house. Kevin’s dad had worked so much in the past 4 years he had gotten $1,000,000,000,000,000!!!!!! But it had been in a savings account so long Kevin’s dad forgot about it. So about 2 months later Kevin and his dad moved into a nicer and bigger house. It was still on Navy Street though.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Monthly Book!!!!!!!

I am reading a book that is called Scarlett, by Cathy Cassidy. It is about a girl named Scarlett. Who never follows the rules no matter what the punishment is. She had gone through 5 schools in 1 year!!!!! Scarlett has brunette colored hair and bright red highlights going though it. She wears red flip flops to school and never follows the dress code. So far I rate this book a big 10 because Cathy Cassidy does a great job with suspense. From the description I wrote rate this book from 1 to 10!!!!!


Do you want an electronic but your parents say you don't need it? Well I've had that experience. I wanted an i pod, Wii, and Nintendo DS. But face it our parents can't buy everything we want. So next time you see a toy or electronic that you want stop and think if you really need it before you ask.